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  We have been nominated Company of the month November 2013 by the start-up network of the city of Düsseldorf.
  We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Cologne-based publisher DAAB who has been creating exquisite books in the fields of art, architecture, design and fashion. 5

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CHINA Turkey Art

Yin Xiuzhen, Nowhere To Land, 2012, installation used clothes, steel, stainless steel, mirror, headlights, 330 X 240 X 210 cm  
Art institution
OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shanghai recently announced a “retrospective”of Yang Zhenzhong's work, the artist's first solo collaboration with a domestic Chinese art museum.
The entrepreneur, collector, gallerist, and artist Kim Chang-il (CI Kim) simultaneously expands his gallery empire across several countries, including China, even though the closure of his Arario Gallery, end of 2012 in Beijing indicated his withdrawal from China. LEAP saw Kim's recent solo exhibition at Arario's flagship space in Cheonan, South Korea, acquiring more information on his vision and career.
Press release reveals White Space Beijing's latest exhibition, the works on display focus “on exploring the extensibility of individual energy as well as the evolution of matter, and combining them to invade and adjust the relationship between the self-interior and the social system.” At least for viewers familiar with contemporary China, the artist Gao Lei convinces the audience.
When confronting the works of female artists and of those female artists in opposition to the so-called “women's art”gender identity has often been an issue. Feminine characteristics in Yin Xiuzhen's art are apparent, but we see more to the artist than that.
With his debut feature film Let Panda Fly, artist Zhao Bandi finally sets free all the pandas that have accompanied him throughout the years.

RUSSIA Turkey Art

Leonid Tishkov, "Private Moon" © Boris Bendikov  
Art institution
New art space CCA “Sokol” opened in Moscow on Leningradski prospekt 80/21
CCA “Sokol” focusses on young artists. Young curators can send their projects to CCA where exceptional works will be realized.
First contemporary Russian art auction house “Vladey” was opened in Moscow in May 2013 by famous Russian gallerist Vladimir Ovcharenko
In late October, sales have doubled, 80 out 115 lots were sold to collectors including paintings, sculptures, graphics and collages, for more than €1,3 Mio. in total.
11 renowned Russian galleries participated in ViennaFair this October
All participants were content with sales, organization and market analytics talk of "how the ViennaFair replaces the dying ArtMoscow Fair" (ViennaFair is the only art fair in the world, which widely represents Russia).
Russian artist Leonid Tishkov demands removal of his artworks from a Gazprombank-sponsored exhibition in Vienna
Showing solidarity with Greenpeace activists who face up to 15 years in jail after trying to scale an Arctic oil rig, Tishkov asked for removal of his famous artwork "Private Moon" from the exhibition "Dreaming Russia" even though Gazprombank and state-run energy Gazprom organized the event.
Russia as guest country of Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair in the scope of "New Horizons" this November
Six Russian galleries plus artists, curators and museum directors will disclose contemporary Russian art to the public of Contemporary Istanbul.
You can read more Russian news on BLOUIN ARTINFO Russia, more international news on BLOUIN ARTINFO International.


Paul Guiragossian. Self Portrait. 1951. Gouache on paper. 30 x 24 cm.  
Art institution
Abu Dhabi Art 2013 takes place from 20 - 23rd November 2013
This year's edition of Abu Dhabi Art includes a wide spectrum of installations and large-scale sculptures, as well as a new sector titled "Artists’ Waves" that provides galleries the opportunity to exhibit works by some of their artists who did not make it to the gallery booths.
New exhibition at Dr. Ziba Ardalan's non-for profit art institution "Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art"
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art presents the first major UK survey of Iran-born, American artist, Siah Armajani.
Hassan Sharif's exhibition "Approaching Entropy" at Isabelle van den Eynde gallery, Dubai
"Approaching Entropy" invites viewers into one aspect of Sharif’s process, the leap from the beginning to the end state of an ‘object’.
Paul Guiragossian at Beirut Exhibition Centre from 20th Nov. 2013 - 6th of Jan. 2014
"Paul Guiragossian, the human condition" is the hitherto most comprehensive retrospective for the artist spanning five decades of his oeuvre.
Lots to see in Doha: Current exhibitions held by Qatar Museum Authority
The current exhibition spectrum ranges from Adel Abdessemed at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art to a Haij show at Museum of Islamic Art as well as exhibitions by Damien Hirst (permanent installation) and Francesco Vezzoli (QMA Gallery, Katara).
You can read more Middle Eastern art news on Canvas Magazine online.

TURKEY Turkey Art

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Vicious Circular Breathing, 2013. Installation View at Borusan Contemporary Istanbul. Photo: Anna Zizlsperger  
Art institution
Grimshaw Architects selected to build Koc Contemporary Art Museum
The museum is expected to be a landmark building entirely derived from its context with the mosaic tiled forms of traditional Ottoman architecture set to open in 2016. more
Istanbul Art Week brings together galleries and art professionals
Numerous museums and galleries as well as art foundations, initiatives and fairs will come together for this special week and open their doors to both local and foreign visitors. more
Galleries from Turkey at Frieze
Istanbul based galleries Rampa and Rodeo exhibited at Frieze in London’s Regent’s Park. (16-18 October 2013) more
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul
In an exclusive interview with exhibist magazine the artist talks about his artistic practice and his new work "Vicious Circular Breathing" at Borusan Contemporary. more
TANAS Berlin is closing its doors
Initiated as a free and independent space in autumn 2007, TANAS was founded in order to introduce the latest Turkish art to an international audience in Central Europe. According to Réné Block, his self-imposed task has been accomplished. more


Ingvild Goetz (© Sammlung Goetz - Thomas Dashuber)  
Art institution
The Nationalgalerie prize for young art: winner Mariana Castillo Deball
"The greatest honour given to an artist", says director of the Nationalgalerie: With the Nationalgalerie prize for young art Mariana Castillo Deball acquires a solo exhibition. more
Collector Goetz donates her museum
The art collector Ingvild Goetz donates Bavaria her valuable collection – and to top it up her Munich museum. more
Ex gallery owner Klosterfelde goes to auction house Phillips
The former Berlin gallery owner Martin Klosterfelde works from now onwards for auction house Phillips located in Berlin. more
Occupy Sierra – Falckenberg collection Hamburg
During the end of September African refugees from St.-Pauli-Church in Hamburg have occupied an artwork by Santiago Sierra. more
The Monopol football tournament
At the end of September Berlin-Mitte based artists, gallerists, authors and critics have lined up for Monopol football tournament. A photo selection. more

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